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Emails to Christopher P. Peterka

Thank you for contacting me.
Interpersonal exchange is important for me as well.
Unfortunately, we all have little time at our disposal and must use it most effectively. Precision and productivity of our exchange are therefore more important than ever.

In my opinion our goal should be to synchronize our on- and offline identities in the best way possible. Only then we can expedite innovations and at the same time be there for our family and friends - instead of reading emails the whole day.

We all are already filtering our everyday lives to find balance. And I think we can do even more to win our time back. Purposeful communication is an essential key to further development: internationally & interculturally.

Be it questions or requests with general context: you will receive this automatic response or the link to this page, because the filter software has decided so.

Because you deserve a quick reply to your question, please note the following.

  1. Default settings: KISS. Keep it short and simple. Then I can analyze your query quickly .

  2. Navigation: Structure, paragraphs and marked keywords or questions are allowed and welcome. You have information for me: Bring it on. I like to look at it, but also here: Please do not expect an individual answer.

  3. Concern: Be direct and precise. If you want to support me: Thank you. But please do tell me how exactly you want to do that? Do not leave me alone to figure out how - I could misunderstand you. If you desire my support: What exactly do you need from me?

  4. Interaction: I too am honest. A credo in life is give & take. You cannot possibly meet everybody in person. Please show me your impulse and write down clearly: Is your incentive for me of economic, social or moral nature?

Thank you. I appreciate your email and will dedicate myself to it as fast and good as I can.