Introduction Christopher Patrick Peterka | Speaker

First of all, I am pleased that we can interact with each other. Surely our mutual goal is to feature a powerful and inspiring presentation. For this I allowed myself to create a small list of suggestions and prerequisites.

Sometimes it is just a subtle line between a pure frontal monologue and an actual interactive speech. After years of experience, those small, preventable obstacles revealed themselves to me.

I recommend to consider the following:


  • If the timetable allows it, I’d prefer to combine the occasion with a pre-evening initiator dinner. Not only that I like to meet new people, I also want to avoid delays due to airline companies. Besides that it fosters the personal touch in the direction of the participants if I already “landed”. I am thankful for support regarding booking of accommodation near the venue or airport.

  • Before and after the presentation it is useful to have short breaks. For tension reduction a 20 minute time frame should be integrated for example to change equipment, perform a tech check with team and let the audience have a breather, if there was a previous speaker. Afterwards it permits questions and talks.

  • If possible: better choose a room slightly too small instead of too spacious. Can cause miracles in perception.


  • Photos are allowed as long as they do not interrupt the flow of the lecture visually or audibly. Video and sound recordings are only permitted with the explicit approval of myself: All rights reserved.

  • My slides are graphically composed down to detail according to the content - not reflecting my words. To that effect they are not suitable for other formats.

  • On request, I will provide my slides as a download, as text for publications or handout. Also here: I own all rights to my materials and contents. Please send your direct inquiries to: with event name and date in the subject line.


  • I always use my own laptop, remote and adapter so the presentation works as intended. Therefore I need an HDMI access to the projector and a jack plug for the audio output on site.

  • When using sound or video files, I register in advance and ask for a feedback regarding the procurement periods for equipment.

  • If we have a recording agreement, I ask for a check of the sound and projection quality beforehand.

  • The next socket should not be more than 1.5 meters away from the table on which the laptop stands, since this serves me as a kind of prompter. If possible, the speaker area, with the exception of a low table, should be kept clear. I do not need to hide behind a desk. Everything serves the connection to the audience.

  • If, however, the group measures more than 25 people, it is recommended to short-circuit the possibilities of a wireless microphone. Other types would be a hindrance. A sound check should then take place beforehand.

  • Also for the screen, freedom of movement for interactions and the right energy flow is important to me. If possible, it should not be centered, because the focus is on me, the presentation is only supportive.